Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Fall Photography Collection

I love photography and one of my favorites times of year is fall.  There are so many beautiful colors in the landscape and the air is crisp and cool!  Here are a few pictures I have taken this fall.

Turner Falls Park

This pictures was taken at Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma.  This is one of my favorite places to go in the fall.  This is a creek that runs through the park and eventually over the falls.

Turner Falls Park

This is actually a small cave opening that is covered in moss, with a little waterfall gently streaming over top.  No, I didn't try to crawl into the cave, who knows what may be in there! 

Turner Falls Park

This is the front view of the previous picture.  The little cave is just out of sight to the right. This was such a relaxing place, I could have stayed all day! 

Turner Falls

This is Turner Falls. Below the falls is the "swimming hole".  I'm not sure how deep it is, but there are always lots of children swimming.  With the sounds of the waterfall and the beautiful fall colors, this was just a wonderful outing. 

8-Point White-Tailed Buck

This beautiful white-tailed buck is running across the meadow on  our place. This meadow is just to the south of our house and I took this pictures off our back porch. 

Autumn Leaves

I just loved the color of these leaves. I can't decide if they are copper, gold or orange. 

I hope you enjoyed some of my fall pictures. You can purchase these and more at