Saturday, April 14, 2012

Honeybees - Why Are They Disappearing?

Honeybee pollenating yellow flower.

What is Happening to Our Honeybees?

As most people are aware, there is a major decline in the number of honeybees over the last several years. The following information contains information on the honeybee and several theories as to why the honeybees are disappearing and what we can do to help.  Read more ...

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Best Perennial Flowers for Spring Gardens

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My DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Review

DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum
If you live in the country or have a large yard with lots of trees, you need to read this article!  We live in the country and have lots of trees around the house. Don't get me wrong, I love my trees, we looked for years for just the right place in the country with lots of trees. I also love spring, but spring also used to mean that I had to rake leaves. I know, raking is good exercise, but parts of my yard are almost a foot deep in leaves! Last year I raked, and took to the burn pile, 182 wheelbarrows full of leaves. Don’t ask why I counted, you really don’t want to know! Now, exercise is one thing, but that is crazy, it took me weeks to get all that done!

Leaves in my yard at the beginning of spring!

After just 1 pass with the DR Lawn and Leaf Vac!

 Purchasing the DR Lawn Vacuum is one of the best things I have ever done! But as you know, all the product advertisements you see, will only tell you the good things about the product. I am going to give you the good, as well as the areas that I think could use a little improvement. However, if I had to do it over again, I would still make the same purchase.  Read more ...
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  • Taking a Walk in the Country #2I love walking around in the country and being out in nature. I always take my camera with me, as I never know what I might see. I hope to share some of nature’s beauty and tranquility with you by taking you with me during another one of my walks.
  • My Flower Garden Get A WayEveryone has times that you feel stressed out and up tight. These are the times that you just need to get a way, relax and clear your mind. I wonderful way to do that is to flower garden.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Early Garden Vegetables

My Vegetable Garden in Early Spring
Source: sgbrown

Which Vegetables to Plant First
Much of the success in planting a successful vegetable garden, is knowing what to plant when. After 25 years of planting a garden, we have learned a few things that I hope will help the beginning gardener. Here is my list of early garden vegetables, the first vegetables to plant in your vegetable garden.  Read more ...
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    Growing a vegetable garden is not as difficult a thing as many people make it out to be. My husband and I have grown a garden every year for the last 25 years. There are three basic things that are needed to grow a successful vegetable garden. 

  • 5 Best Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden
    Fresh vegetables not only taste better but are also much better for you. Plant these easy to grow vegetables to eat healthier and save money on your grocery bill all year round.

  • All About Okra - Origin, Planting and Cooking
    Okra is one of my favorite vegetables to plant in my garden each year. Not only is it tasty, it is easy to grow and drought tolerant. Okra has a long history and I have included information on its origin, as well as how to plant, harvest and cook with it.

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    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    The Beauty of Nature in Spring

    Deer in Field
    Photo source:  sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography

    I am a warm weather person. I love to be outside in nature in all her glory. I want to feel the sun, shining down upon me and warming my soul. I suffer through winter, pacing around the house like a caged animal waiting to be released back into the wild. I long to see green pastures and trees, to smell the flowers and the scent of fresh cut grass. Read more ...
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