Friday, November 13, 2015

TSU – Is it the New Google+

As anyone who knows me knows that I love taking pictures. I will take a picture of anything from a beautiful sunrise to a snake in my yard! I just love photography!  I used to take wedding pictures and sports pictures, but I didn’t like the stress of it. Now that I am “retired” I just take pictures of what I want to.

I love nature photography, landscapes, flowers and animals. I do sell some pictures to stock photography companies and I use my pictures on a site called Zazzle where I can create and sell products, such as mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, greeting cards, etc. I make a little money here and there on Zazzle and it’s fun to create things there using my photography. If you would like to check out my “Zazzle” store, the link is:

I have now found another site where I can make a little money with my photography and that is a site called Tsu. It is pronounced, “Sue”. It is a lot like Google+, where you can post just about anything you want and share it with people who follow you on that site. The big difference is that on Tsu, you get paid for it!

You make a fraction of a cent per view, but the more followers you get, the more views and comments you will gather and the money just gets better and better. One of the main things I like is that I can view others photographs and get ideas or learn something new from them.

You can post anything you want! Some say it is the next FaceBook. I don’t know about that, but I am really enjoying posting there and making a little money at the same time.

If you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with others, you may want to check out Tsu. If you decide that you want to sign up, I would appreciate you using my referral code:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Newest Creation - Fall Flowers Greeting Card

"I Don't Need an Occasion, or Even a Reason to be Thinking of You This Beautiful Fall Season

My latest addition to "My Zazzle" store. These are some chrysanthemums that I bought a couple of years ago to decorate my porch with during the fall season. I love their bright yellow petals, trimmed in red!

I think this made a beautiful greeting card! I have also made several other products using this picture, such as a serving tray and coffee mugs, pillows and more.

You can visit "My Zazzle" store here:*