Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Random Act of Kindness - Gone Wrong? A True Story

There is a wonderful movement happening right now, at least within HubPages, we call it H.O.W.  Humanity One World. It's really very simple, we are one world and we need to help each other out. There are so many  ugly things happening in our world right now and we have the power to change it if we work together!  We are determined to make this change simply by performing "random acts of kindness".  What does this mean? Simply be nice to someone!  If someone needs a helping hand, put your hand forward! It could be nothing more than smiling at someone or holding the door for someone who has their hands full.  Telling someone they look nice today or simply saying, "Have a good day."  

While I was employed at the Dept. of Human Services some years ago, I had many opportunities to help people out. The story I have written is about a random act of kindness that could have gone very wrong.  This story is not meant to deter anyone from performing acts of kindness, but to be sure that you use good common sense before you do.  Read more...

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Let me also explain that H.O.W. (Humanity One World) is a movement consisting of writers and    concerned citizens who are interested in making this world a better place to live.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

26 Random Acts of Kindness - A Tribute

Source: healthylife2

I was deeply touched this morning by a fellow writer on HubPages.  She goes by Healthylife2.  She lives not far from where the Sandy Hook school shooting occurred. Of course she was horrified and bewildered as to why things like this have to happen. She decided that she had to do something in honor of the 20 children and 6 staff members that lost their lives that day. She, like most of us, doesn't really know what to do, nor will what we do make any difference, but she had to do something.  This is her story. Maybe if we all can just follow her lead and perform some small random act of kindness, it will bring more peace to this world we live in. Read her story...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Canada Geese at Lake Murray, Oklahoma

Canada Goose and Goslings

I was adding some pictures to my Redgage account and came across these pictures.  These were taken last summer at Lake Murray State Park near Ardmore, Oklahoma.  The lake is about 15 miles from where we live and we go camping there when we get the chance.  I wrote an article on Lake Murray if you would like to read it when you get the chance.  The title is:  Come Visit Beautiful Lake Murray State Park in Southern Oklahoma.  

I always love getting up early when we camp at the lake.  I like to go out to our boat this is tied up on shore and sit out there and drink my coffee.  I can watch the geese as they fly in for their morning breakfast.  

If I am sitting on our boat, I have a hook in the water!  I love to fish!  Depending on what type of mood I am in as to what type of fishing I will be doing.  In the mornings, it is catfishing.  I can put a little dough bait on a treble hook, toss it out with a bobber on it and sit back and relax.  No luck on this morning though, not even my stinkiest dough bait did any good. 

Later that day, hubby and I went for a walk.  We love to walk along the shore and she what has washed up. I find some interesting shells or maybe some cool drift wood.  On this afternoon, we walked around a point and found a family of Canada Geese.  Apparently mama and papa goose were holding a swimming class for the kids today.  They were so cute, I couldn't resist taking several pictures of them.

Of course you notice that mom is in front and dad in behind, or visa versa.  They do this for protection for the babies.  Large turtles, beavers and large fish may find the little ones as a tasty meal!  These goslings are a little bigger than most predators want to try for. 

After the swimming lessons, mama goose was bringing them to the shore.  She is checking us out to be sure that we are not going to be a threat to her little ones. We backed up a little and she brought them on up on shore and they began preening themselves. Preening adds a oily sheen to their feathers that helps to repel the water. 

Now with papa goose out in front, sorry you can't see him, and mama goose bring up the rear, the little family is off.  Whey roamed around the shore for a while and then back to their nest for a little mid-day nap. Hubby and I did the same!  

Well that's all for today.  I am trying to organize my pictures a little better and who knows what I may come across and post!  Have a good day to all!  

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