Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Love Mondays, or Atleast Like Them

Photo source: sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography

Are you one of those people who hate Mondays? Do you start dreading Monday morning on Sunday, or even Saturday? That can ruin your weekend! Most people who dread Mondays hate their job. I guess it is understandable when you dread going back to work after the weekend, but you need to find the positives about Mondays!

To me, Mondays are like New Year’s Day. It’s a new beginning and you can “wipe the slate clean” and start all over. Only this way, you get to start over every week instead of just once a year! Monday is the first day of a new week, make it a good week, it’s all about attitude!
If I was not very productive the past week, I can set new goals for myself and work towards them. I can re-organize, re-prioritize and make my new week a better one than the week before!

The trick is to get organized on Sunday. Plan your week and know what you are going to be up against. Be prepared for whatever tasks you are going to have to undertake and it will make you week go much easier! When you know you are ready for the upcoming week, you might actually wake up on a Monday morning in a good mood!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Late Night Visitor

Photo source: sgbrown 

 First of all, I have to admit that I am a smoker. I don't smoke much, but every now and then I will go into the bathroom, open the window and have a short smoke. Tonight I was almost startled by the sound of rustling leaves just outside the bathroom window.

This window has no screen on it, so I stuck my head out the window to see if I could tell what was making all the ruckus in the leaves. It was pitch black outside and I couldn't see a thing! I went into the kitchen and brought back a flashlight, shone it down under the window and look what I found!

Mr. or Ms. Skunk was rummaging around in the leaves. I went and got my camera and did my best to take a few pictures before he or she became aware that I was there. Now taking pictures of something that you really can't see in the dark, is a trick! 

 I tried holding the flashlight with one hand and the camera with the other, but that wasn't working out too well. I put down the flashlight and tried focusing the camera the best I could. My camera flash would flicker just enough for me to get a good idea where the skunk was before I snapped the picture.

This picture looks like it was daylight, but it was really dark. I am surprised the picture came out as well as it did! I hoped to it to raise its head for a picture, but it was too busy trying to find something to eat under the leaves. 

I will say that skunks are not my favorite animals to find in my backyard, but they are kind of cute. Hopefully, he wandered off back into the woods as I really need to let the dogs outside sometime tonight!

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Back!

Sheila and Johnny Brown

Yes, I'm back! I know I have not been "blogging" in such a long time, but I want to get back to working my blog and finding new friends to follow and try to make a little money at the same time. I have been writing for another site for some time now and it was great for a while, but everything has it's day and I think their day has come and gone. 

I really enjoy sharing some of the events of our life in the country as well as sharing information on growing a vegetable garden, flower gardening and all the wildlife that we find here. I still have 3 blogs that I will be working on, but this one is my more personal blog. I will have everything here from personal stories and recipes to general information on flowers and wildlife. 

My other two blogs will have more specific information on flowers and wildlife and I will refer to them from time to time. At least, I think I can do that! I will also be getting back to my Zazzle store and will be using many of the pictures you will see on my blogs in my store. 

Hopefully, I will learn what I am doing amidst all of this and my blogs will be interesting as well as informational. You can find my other blogs here:

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Sheila's World of Wildlife