Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Late Night Visitor

Photo source: sgbrown 

 First of all, I have to admit that I am a smoker. I don't smoke much, but every now and then I will go into the bathroom, open the window and have a short smoke. Tonight I was almost startled by the sound of rustling leaves just outside the bathroom window.

This window has no screen on it, so I stuck my head out the window to see if I could tell what was making all the ruckus in the leaves. It was pitch black outside and I couldn't see a thing! I went into the kitchen and brought back a flashlight, shone it down under the window and look what I found!

Mr. or Ms. Skunk was rummaging around in the leaves. I went and got my camera and did my best to take a few pictures before he or she became aware that I was there. Now taking pictures of something that you really can't see in the dark, is a trick! 

 I tried holding the flashlight with one hand and the camera with the other, but that wasn't working out too well. I put down the flashlight and tried focusing the camera the best I could. My camera flash would flicker just enough for me to get a good idea where the skunk was before I snapped the picture.

This picture looks like it was daylight, but it was really dark. I am surprised the picture came out as well as it did! I hoped to it to raise its head for a picture, but it was too busy trying to find something to eat under the leaves. 

I will say that skunks are not my favorite animals to find in my backyard, but they are kind of cute. Hopefully, he wandered off back into the woods as I really need to let the dogs outside sometime tonight!