Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Random Act of Kindness - Gone Wrong? A True Story

There is a wonderful movement happening right now, at least within HubPages, we call it H.O.W.  Humanity One World. It's really very simple, we are one world and we need to help each other out. There are so many  ugly things happening in our world right now and we have the power to change it if we work together!  We are determined to make this change simply by performing "random acts of kindness".  What does this mean? Simply be nice to someone!  If someone needs a helping hand, put your hand forward! It could be nothing more than smiling at someone or holding the door for someone who has their hands full.  Telling someone they look nice today or simply saying, "Have a good day."  

While I was employed at the Dept. of Human Services some years ago, I had many opportunities to help people out. The story I have written is about a random act of kindness that could have gone very wrong.  This story is not meant to deter anyone from performing acts of kindness, but to be sure that you use good common sense before you do.  Read more...

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