Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Woke Up to Find More Snow

Photo source: sgbrown 

Well, here it is the 5th of March and I woke up this morning to find the ground covered in more snow. Yesterday was freezing rain and sleet and overnight it snowed. Doesn’t Mother Nature know that it is March! Spring is only a couple of weeks away and we are looking forward to daffodils and crocus blooming.

My little friend here decided to peek his head out of the snow and tell me he is ready for some warmer weather as well. He is what I call one of my garden guardians. I have many of these little creatures in my flower beds to give me someone to talk to while I am taking care of my flowers during the warmer months. Yes, I do talk to them, but the conversations are usually a little one sided!

 Photo source:  sgbrown

The birds are mad too! I didn’t get my bird feeder filled up yesterday and now they are having to scurry around on the ground underneath it, looking for fallen sunflower seeds. This male cardinal doesn’t look too pleased and the chickadees are sitting on the feeder, tapping on it to see if they can get any more seeds to fall out. I think that is also how they tell me that the feeder is empty! I will get outside in a few minutes to fill it back up.

 Photo source:  sgbrown

 The squirrels aren't too pleased either. They are having to dig under the snow covered leaves to find those acorns they buried earlier in the year. I am pretty sure I heard this little guy cursing as he was trying to find his breakfast!

Well, here is hoping that this is the last of the snow for this season. I admit I am tired of being cooped up in the house and ready to get back outside and work in the yard. I think I am even looking forward to moving the grass, but don’t tell hubby that!