Sunday, March 15, 2015

The First Signs of Spring

My first daffodils for this year.

I think I can safely say that spring is just around the corner. This time last week, we still had some snow on the ground and it was cold and windy. The last couple of days here has been much warmer but still a little rainy.
I want outside the other day to a little cleaning up around the yard and these beauties are what I found! I was so excited to see the bright smiling faces! As I walked around the yard, I found some hyacinth peeking up from the ground as well. They have not begun to bloom yet but shouldn't be too far behind.

Jonquils coming up around a tree.

These little jonquils had begun to come around one of my trees. I had even forgotten that I had planted them here, so that was a pleasant surprise! My tulips should be next but they don't look like they are doing much yet.
I love spring and watching all the re-birth of nature!
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