Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Creating Art From a Walk in the Woods

Our treasures from the woods.
Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love all the beautiful fall colors or red, gold, orange and yellow. Sometimes, I want to bring it all together and create something from all of it.

During a walk in the woods with our granddaughter, she would spot a pretty leaf on the ground, a pine cone or an acorn, among a few other things that I really didn't want to bring home. We saved the "good stuff" and when we got back to the house, she spread them out on the table to admire what we had found.

I decided then that I wanted to show her how we could create something to keep our memories of this walk forever. We arranged and re-arranged our treasures until we came up with the picture above.

She thought that was pretty cool and we printed the picture out for her to take home and show her mom.

You never know what memories become precious and walking among nature is always special to me. I hope I instill this in my children and grandchildren.

If you like the picture that Jazzy and I created, I have also used it on some products in "My Zazzle" store