Saturday, February 11, 2012

Squirrel Proof Your Birdfeeder

Squirrel Eating at Birdfeeder
If you have a bird feeder at your house to attract birds, you probably have attracted some squirrels also. I love feeding and watching the birds, but the squirrels were scaring away the birds and eating most of the food. I needed to find a way to squirrel proof my bird feeder.

Female Cardinal at Birdfeeder
Female Cardinal at Birdfeeder
I love to attract birds to my yard, so my husband put up a bird feeder right outside one of our windows. This does attract many different birds to our house, which I love to take pictures of, but it also attracts the squirrels. I don’t really mind feeding the squirrels, but they chase of the birds and eat all their food. I was filling up the bird feeder everyday! 

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