Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tiny Little Tree Frogs Can Be Dangerous

Yes, I know....this tiny little tree frog is just so cute, right! Cute can be deceiving!  

As some of you know, I enjoy sitting out on my back porch early of a morning had having my coffee, watching the wildlife and working on my lap top. Little did I know, I was about to have a very unusual morning!

It was a very warm summer morning and I had on a tank top and shorts. As it was very early and the sun had not come up yet, I had the back porch light on, which attract many little flying insects that make a great breakfast for a little tree frog.

Well, as I am typing away I feel this cold, wet, "flop" feeling on the back of my shoulder! Yes, this tiny little tree frog had just jumped onto my back. I don't know here he came from, but his feet were cold and clammy!  

Needless to say, I jumped to my feet with a bit of a squeal and almost knocked over the patio table and succeeded in spilling my coffee. Now I and am flailing my arms like some kind of crazy person, trying to reach this little fellow with the cold feet.  Just as I think I have him, he jumps....right down my back! 

Now I am doing some kind of crazy dance thing, trying to get my shirt off as quickly as possible. I feel his little cold, wet body against the skin on my back and I can't get my shirt off quick enough! My dance leads me to the edge of the porch where I scrape my toe on a planter sitting there. After saying a few choice words, I get my shirt off and throw it to the ground. 

In the mean time, the frog has fallen to the ground and hopped away. Now I am left on my back porch with spilled coffee, shirtless and with a bleeding toe! I swear I heard that little tree frog laughing as I went in the house!

Don't let little and cute fool you! These tiny little tree frogs can be dangerous by just making YOU hurt YOURSELF!

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