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Newborn Baby Safety Tips - By the Baby



Hi! My name is Jazzy!
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Hi! My name is Jazzy. I am 6 months old and am a very happy, healthy baby! You see, my mom read up on child safety before I was born and learned a lot about what to do to keep me safe, before she brought me home. My mom is pretty awesome! Now, I would like to share my new baby safety tips with you

Cleaning the Nursery

One of the first things my mom and dad did was to clean my nursery really well. They washed the windows and cleaned the carpet. Then they put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. They were sure to do this well before my arrival so there would not be any smelly paint fumes to make me sick. Should I mention the cool zebra stripe crib sheets and curtains in my room? Well, maybe not.

Crib and Bassinet

When my daddy put my crib together, he made sure there were no sharp edges or places where mommy or me could get cuts or splinters. He made sure all the screws were tight and my crib was nice and stable. My Nana and Papa bought me a beautiful bassinet. I slept in it beside mommy and daddy’s bed for the first few weeks. Mommy kept putting her hand on me during the night, I guess she wanted to be sure I was still breathing. Daddy made sure that it was nice and stable too, no loose screws for this baby!

Sleeping Safely

I wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy, but they would never let me. Mommy knew that I could possibly suffocate in bed with them. She would always put me in my own bed and lay me on my back, to reduce the risk of SIDS. When mommy would put me to bed, she would always make sure there was nothing extra in my crib. No toys, no pillows and no extra blankets and my sheet, was always a fitted sheet and I had a firm mattress.There was nothing in my crib that could possibly suffocate me. You know, I couldn’t even roll over then, or push anything away from my face. I couldn’t even pick up my head for a while. What a baby I was!

Bath Time Safety

I always loved “bath time”. I got a sponge bath until my umbilical cord fell off, I was probably about 4 weeks old then. After that mommy would give me a bath every other night before she put me to bed. She told daddy that any more often could really dry out my skin. She would always be very careful to not get the water too hot for me. You see my skin is very sensitive right now and the water actually feels much warmer to me that it does to you. Mommy would always check the temperature of the water with her wrist or her elbow to be sure it was just right.

Daddy brought home the coolest bathtub for me! It held me just at the right depth in the water so I didn’t have a chance of drowning. Mommy only used baby shampoo and baby bath to bathe me with, as regular shampoo and bath soap are too harsh for my tender skin. Mommy would use a baby wash cloth to clean my face and my ears. She would never, ever use a Q-tip because she could really hurt the inside of my ears is the tip went too far inside my ear. She would use a soft baby brush to wash my scalp and the fontanelles (soft spots) on the top of my head.When bath time was over, she would dry me off with a big fluffy towel and put baby lotion all over me! Baby lotion is important to keep my new sensitive skin soft and supple. I was such a little diva!

Feeding Time Safety

I have to say that feeding time was always my favorite! I always love snuggling with mommy while she was feeding me. I was breast fed for the first few months as breast milk is so very health for me. Mommy never fed me while she was in bed. She was afraid she would fall asleep and I could possibly suffocate among the pillows or covers. She would always get up and sit in her rocking chair and rock me while I ate. When I started eating from a bottle, she would still get up with me. Mommy knew that just putting a bottle in my mouth and leaving me lay in bed, was not good for me. I could have easily choked. Have you ever tried to drink something while lying down? It’s not very easy!

Diaper Changing Safety

I didn’t really mind diaper-changing time. Who likes to lie around in a wet soggy diaper! Mommy knew that if my diaper didn’t get changed often enough, I could get something called “diaper rash”. I have never had this, “diaper rash”, but I have heard that it can really burn and make me very uncomfortable. Sometimes there would be a really stinky smell and mommy and daddy would make really funny faces. I always wanted to laugh at them, but I hadn't figured out how to do that yet. They would always be careful when they cleaned me, you know I have lots of little cracks and crevices that need to be cleaned good. Mommy would always put a little baby lotion on me and some baby powder too. I heard her tell daddy one time, not to sprinkle too much powder because it puts too much powder in the air and that it was not good for me to breath that in. I like the baby powder, it really helped to keep my cute little butt dry. Mommy always keeps the items she needs very close to where she is changing me so she doesn't have to step away from me to reach anything. Daddy told her she was really doing a good job, I could have told him that!

Babies Cry...

Now you know, there are sometimes that I would cry, and sometimes I would cry a lot. I’m not really sure why I cried so much at times, I just felt like it I guess. Mommy or daddy would always check to be sure that nothing was hurting me. Then they would make sure that I did not have on a dirty diaper, or that I wasn’t hungry. One of them would always pick me up and walk around with me. Sometimes I just needed a little extra burping. That usually made me feel better, but not always. If they started feeling frustrated, they would put me in my crib, being sure I was safe, and just walk away for a little while. My mommy and daddy knew to NEVER shake me! Shaking a baby can be DEADLY! Be sure I am safe and then give yourself a little time out to relax. Maybe even call a friend or relative for a little advice or just a break.

Car Seat Safety

When we went somewhere together, my daddy always put me in my car seat and strapped me in really good. My car seat always went in the back seat and faced the back of the car. This way if we got into an accident, the car seat was between me and the back of the front seat. Daddy made sure that the base of my car seat was strapped in tightly so if something did happen, I would be safe. Mommy and daddy always drive safely and never make phone calls or text while they are driving. Of course, they never leave me alone in the car either!

I hope you you enjoyed my new baby safety tips. I know there are more things I could tell you about how my mommy and daddy kept me safe during the first few months of my life, but I am really getting a little sleepy now and I am having a little trouble concentrating. (Yawn) For now, it’s nap-time, night-night!

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